Ipad Shortcuts


To enable Caps Lock you merely double tap the shift key. Tap once to turn it off.


Split the Keyboard

You can split your keyboard screen in half. If you prefer having left and right keys, leaving the middle open for viewing, just use the pinch-to-open gesture while you are touching the keyboard. To put it back together again, pinch to close.


Add your own keyboard shortcut                       

Sometimes, the auto-correct feature can get in your way when you are typing on the iPad. But did you know you can put it to work for you? In the iPad settings under General and Keyboard is a button that allows you to add your own shortcut. This feature will let you type in a shortcut, such as your initials, and have that shortcut replaced with a phrase, such as your full name.


Need special accents?

You can get at special accent marks for specific language support by tapping and holding the corresponding letter .  Did you know you can do begin quotes and end quotes? On the numbers layout, just tap and hold the quote key for beginning and ending quotes. Tap and hold the single quote key for the same options for single quotes. You can also get at an accent using this technique on the single quote key.


From letters to numbers without flipping back and forth.

Rather than tapping the".?123" key to get at the numbers, hold your finger down on it and then slide your finger to the key you need. When you release your finger, the iPad will product your character and automatically flip back to the original keyboard layout.


Ipad autocorrect

If you don’t touch type on the iPad (who can, right?) and want to be sure you are alerted whenever the iPad autocorrects you, turn on Speak Auto-text to hear the corrected word. Go to your settings app and select “General,” and then “Accessibility.” In this section, you’ll see the vision accessibility features. Toggle the “Speak Auto-text” feature on and every time you misspell a word, the correction will be spoken aloud to you.


How to Use a Keyboard Shortcut

Need to type and re-type certain phrases over and over again? Then why not use a keyboard shortcut so that you type faster and it saves your time.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.
  2. Tap "Add New Shortcut..."
  3. Enter a phrase, e.g. in my opinion
  4. Enter a shortcut, e.g. imo
  5. Tap "Save".

The next time you type a shortcut, e.g. imo, the system will suggest to expand it to a phrase that you've set.




Ipad Apps

  1. Common Core - All of the Common Core State Standards are at your fingertips on this easy to use app with search capabilities. Includes math and language arts standards for K–12. 
  2. Edmodo – Makes a teacher’s daily life easier by providing a safe and easy way for teachers and students to engage and collaborate for free, anytime, anywhere.  
  3. Quick office - Full Docs is a great app for you to view, edit and create MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint on your IPad.   ( $9.99)
  4. Penguin Leveled Readers – The Penguin leveled readers program unites the best authors, illustrators, and brands from the Penguin Young Readers Group under one umbrella.  Featuring well-loved characters like Strawberry Shortcake, Max and Rudy, Miss Bindergarten, and Ladybug Girl, The penguin leveled readers app uses a traditional numbered leveling system to ensure quick recognition for educators, parents and kids.  ($3.99)
  5. Remind 101 - provides an easy way to send quick messages to your parents such as Nature Center field trip tomorrow. Dress for the weather. Teachers need to create an account, and parents can join the group by sending a text message. No computer needed. I can send group messages to my parents' phones through email or my text.  
  6. Book Retriever - This is the classroom library company’s accompanying app for managing book borrowing between teachers, parents and students.  It allows you to scan level and inventory your entire Classroom Library, giving you leveling data such as Guided Reading Lexile, Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, DRA and Reading Recovery.  The handy label printing function allows you to print the leveling data wirelessly and easily attach the labels to your books.  We have almost one million. 
  7. Class Cards – An app that boosts student engagement during lessons and discussions.  The app displays a randomly generated list of students. 
  8. Too Noisy – This is a fun app that children enjoy and respond to.  It’s a real boost to any adult who needs to control the levels of noise of a group of children. 
  9. Ibooks – It’s an amazing way to download and read books.  Ibooks includes the ibook store, where you can download the largest bestselling books and your favorite classics.  You can also store your PDF documents here. 
  10. Readability -   It turns any page into a clean, customizable view for reading now or later.  You can catch up on articles you’ve saved or follow other readers to discover new content.
  11. Running Record Calculator - Doing my running records is easier than ever with this app. The free version that I use shows the student’s reading rate, percentage of accuracy, and self-correction ratio with the push of a button. The $2.99 version allows you to do an audio recording that you can flag and come back to for further study. 
  12. Drop Box -  is a cloud-based file-synchronization tool that allows you to access your photos and files on any interne        enabled device.  Free for 2G of storage space.
  13. Evernote -  is another cloud-based note-taking and syncing service. You can take "notes” in the app and then Evernote stores them in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. Your notes can contain audio, text, and images.
  14. Sticky Notes - I love these colorful notes that help keep me organized all day long. For some reason, putting my “to do” list on digital sticky notes helps me get through the endless tasks of the day.   
  15. Class Dojo - This real-time classroom management tool helps improve behavior and student engagement in a flash. You can set it up for individual students in your class or for the whole group to track expectations for group norms.
  16. Rover -  is a free educational browser that allows you to stream flash content to your IPad. Through Rover, you can access Raz-Kids, BrainPOP, Starfall, and many other sites that do not operate correctly through Safari.
  17. Flashcards - Create and save your own flashcards for any subject area or use any of the sets that others have created. Students can create cards to help them study for upcoming tests and quizzes.
  18. Stack the States - This educational game helps students learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags, and more. It also teaches the comparative size differences of the states as students attempt to stack them to reach the goal line. *99
  19. Google Earth - Put the world in your students’ hands with this app. Great app for virtual field trips.
  20. Scoot Pad - This app allows students to proactively work on both math and reading skills related to the Common Core.  Teachers can fully personalize the learning path for their students